Champs International Ice Gala


“Ice shows are a beautiful way for the skating family to join together in spirit, creativity, and team framework. I offer this experience for reminding all ‘why we love this sport’. Passion is the seed to success in figure skating. I hope the younger children glow with excitement and learn from the greatness of our champion soloists. I am grateful for the Champs coaches, staff, and parents for their donation of time and commitment to help make the Champs Gala a possibility”

-Joanne McLeod, Skating Director


Group Ensembles

Group Ensemble work teaches athletes to work cooperatively on a team. For skaters it brings out the true meaning of telling a story of movement and emotion; it provides the opportunity to learn musical phrasing, rhythm, dance styles & interpretation, as well as memorizing choreography in a short period of time.

Athletes have fun, bond as a group, and are reminded why they love to skate.

Champion Soloists

Champs athletes are invited to be soloists based on a solid track record from the current competitive year; typically they are Elite skaters or National/ISU medalists.
Soloists hear their name announced with an exciting biography as their introduction and adjust to skating with spotlights, prepare a performance without a warm-up, skate on a reduced ice surface with curtains and other props.
This is an opportunity for soloists to let go of technical rules and pour passion and joy into their performances. Champs takes pride in all soloist skaters and better prepares them for exhibitions or ice show engagements in the future.