Senior B


senior b

This level is for skaters working on consistent double jumps, developing the double axel, and quality spins with features. The environment created by Champs at this level allows children to absorb the passion and commitment for competitive figure skating. Skaters at the Senior B level are typically between the ages of 9 and 13.

The program includes on-ice training 5 days per week and off-ice training 3 days per week. The curriculum includes on-ice group enrichment classes such as theatre on ice, power stroking, artistic figures, and off-ice classes such as dryland jumps, and ballet. Skaters at this level also participate in team travel competitions.

The Champs coaching staff takes pride in knowing that it is not just about training hard but providing a good environment that is enjoyable and rewarding. The Champs International Skating Centre wants the Senior B skater to be a well-rounded athlete.