Jr academy


The Jr Academy program was created by Canadian Olympic Coach & Skating Director, Joanne McLeod, and is intended as an introduction to competitive figure skating. Ms. McLeod designed and implemented this stepping stone program teaching the basic mechanics of jumping & spinning, quality development of stroking technique, the learning of basic field moves & artistic figures, and an introduction to theatre on ice. Within this program is also an off ice component that teaches basic body development as it relates to figure skating, dry land jumping, ballet, modern dance & creative movement to music, flexibility, and strength.

Evaluations of all skaters through report cards are typically conducted near term-end. Throughout the term, visits will be made by Joanne McLeod to scout and assign skaters to private coaches.


Jr Academy is offered each Tuesday and Thursday from 4:30PM-5:15PM on-ice and 5:20PM-5:55PM off-ice. It is a year-round program with full season registrations. Skaters are auditioned or selected from our Champs International Happy Feet or Learn To Skate programs.

For more information on the program or to request an audition with the Jr Academy Coordinator, please contact the Champs Administration Office at (778) 331-3932.

Jr Academy Class 2018-2019


Jr Academy Graduates

May 2019 (L: Giada, Anna, Chris, Kyle, Alexis & Alice)

May 2019 (L: Giada, Anna, Chris, Kyle, Alexis & Alice)

March 2019 (L: Violet, Alice, Molly & Hannah)

March 2019 (L: Violet, Alice, Molly & Hannah)

December 2018 (L: Eileen, Cissi, Audrina)

December 2018 (L: Eileen, Cissi, Audrina)


jr academy Coordinator
jill marie harvey

Jill has been coordinating the Jr Academy program for 15 years at Champs International and previously for 7 years at the York Region Skating Academy. Jill is an NCCP Level 4 Certified Coach and a National-level coach and assistant coach for students of Joanne McLeod at various ISU Championships including ISU JGP, SGP, and Jr Worlds competitions. Jill is an Honors Graduate in Coaching from Seneca College.